[horde] Horde on a webhosting package

Steven Swarts steven at swartsit.com
Sat Sep 14 03:02:29 UTC 2013

G'day guys,

I currently have Horde running on my own server, but I'm migrating my 
website and emails to a reseller package system - cPanel. Now they boast 
Horde, but its way out dated and only when cPanel 11.40 comes out will 
they support Horde 5; currently they are on 11.38 I think.

Anyway what I would like to know is if I can install horde without 
having full ssh installation abilities?
I have chrooted ssh, limited to general commands and when I type # pear 
it shows up the pear commands.

Anyone done this before? Can I do it? Any problems with this?

I was thinking of just installing it to 
http://www.techcare.net.au/horde5 or something


*/Steven Swarts/*

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