[horde] Certain users have different language for drop out menu item

francis picabia fpicabia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 15:13:51 UTC 2013

I have at least one user with this problem since the upgrade to webmail 5.1.5.
I tried deleting all of his horde_prefs table but it didn't help.

All of the menu items in the style of "in username's XXXX" come
out in Spanish for him, even if we try to override in the horde
language settings.

Those would be:

Addressbook -> New Contact -> in user's addressbook

Notes -> New Notess -> in user's Notepad

Only the last menu pop out "in user's XXXX" shows in Spanish.
All the rest, all menus, and even the target page if we
select to utilize the Spanish link, come out in English as expected.

In the past when something unusual with languages appeared in
the portal block headings, there was a way to set up some dump of values
into a setting saved under prefs.d and this worked.

I'd expect a solution like this, or perhaps finding a setting in the
database for
the particular user would help us.

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