[horde] Merry Christmas and please.....

Simon B simon.buongiorno at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 00:40:01 UTC 2013

On 21 Dec 2013 22:54, "Erling Preben Hansen" <erling at eph.dk> wrote:
> Hey all you fantastic programmers of Horde.
> I have used Horde for some time now.
> I must say this is a fantastic project. I love it.
> At first I had several troubles setting it up the right way.
> As I have used Horde 5 since the first realese
> and I have changed several things since then.
> The initial start settings wasn't the best for my setup, even though it
> worked.
> When I tried to get support the first time. I got some answers that i
> didn't even understod.
> Now I can see that Michael J Rubinsky and Jan Schneider and others must be
> very bussy.
> As I understand it.
> They are programming, supervising, supporting and they have families and
> other commitments too.
> Guys I do have the best of intensions, so please consider, get some help
> the support team.
> Some one who knows how to advice newcommers.
> I think it is all you need to be the most used and with the efforts you
> giving.
> Absolutely the best web groupware system at all.
> It is a well known fact that programmers are those who knows how "the
> system" is.
> But they are not always the best to explain it.
> And programmers don't like to repeat them self again and again.
> They make a prog to do it for them.
> You have an excellent wiki. Many things are explained well there.
> Some of you are good at linking to the wiki to explain some thing.
> Others don't do it at all. Perhaps .......

And please what?

As the least technical user here whose advice you would seem to be
requesting, I cannot figure out what your question is.. Sorry.


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