[horde] imp: fromaddress selectable by user

Moritz Rosin moritzrosin at gmx.de
Fri Dec 27 22:26:05 UTC 2013

Jan Schneider <jan <at> horde.org> writes:

> Zitat von Andreas Schulze <sca <at> andreasschulze.de>:
> > Myself:
> >>> some of my users use a wildcard domain. (yes, I dislike it too ...)
> >>> But my old webmailer allow them to type in the senderaddress into the
> >> compose window. Is a similiar function possible in with IMP too?
> >
> > Simon B <simon.buongiorno <at> gmail.com>:
> >> This is also a terrible idea.
> >> Use identities.
> >
> > Simon and Jan suggest to use identities. OK.
> >
> > I can fetch username and first mailaddress from LDAP (see  
> > http://wiki.horde.org/LDAPHooksHorde5)
> > Now my users have now multiple mail addresses. How to setup multiple  
> > Identities?
> Yes, identities are preferences too. But you need to build the  
> complete identities hash, which is a serialized PHP array. Nothing for  
> the faint hearted.
> > Is there any way to setup identities based on information stored in  
> > a LDAP server?
> Yes.

Any recommendation how to tackle this?
I am trying the exact same thing. I have an openldap directory where users
may have multiple email addresses. 

I am familiar with php and serialization so I am just looking for a good
place to start.

Thanks in advance,

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