[horde] IMP won't display full message headers

Andy Dorman adorman at ironicdesign.com
Wed Jan 1 14:12:18 UTC 2014

On 01/01/2014 07:18 AM, Adam Lewicki wrote:
> Happy new year folks,
> I'm having an issue here with IMP that I cannot quite wrap my head
> around...
> In the configuration web-view I have enabled the option for users to
> view the full message headers.
> The conf.php file gets written on the server and the setting is there.
> ---
> <?php
> // $Id: xxx $
> $conf['user']['allow_view_source'] = true;
> $conf['server']['server_list'] = 'none';
> ...etcetc
> ---
> during troubleshooting i also created a conf.local.php with a single line:
> $conf['user']['allow_view_source'] = true;
> in it, to make sure no other 'previous' configuration directives prevent
> something.
> But I can't seem to get the "view message headers" option neither in
> preview nor in the full message view in horde.
> It simply doesn't show up.
> When I log out and re-login with 'basic' view (instead of dynamic) I see
> the option and it works fine, it seems to be a problem with dynamic view.
> All my Horde Components are up to date, I just did a pear update yesterday.
> So can anyone of you guys send me into the right direction with my problem?
> Best wishes
> Adam

I have the debian package of imp 6.1.6 and when viewing an email 
(dynamic view) I can optionally see the full source with no problem.

My conf.php has

$conf['user']['allow_view_source'] = true;

Of course the "Other Options" list (with "View Source") normally does 
not show up in the upper right corner of the email view block until I 
click the little arrow on the upper left next to the email subject to 
expand & display the From:, Date:, and To: headers.

Happy New Year

Andy Dorman

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