[horde] IMP won't display full message headers

Adam Lewicki adam at lewicki.at
Thu Jan 2 20:08:03 UTC 2014

Andy Dorman wrote:

> Of course the "Other Options" list (with "View Source") normally  
> does not show up in the upper right corner of the email view block  
> until I click the little arrow on the upper left next to the email  
> subject to expand & display the From:, Date:, and To: headers.

Yes, I know this. Unfortunately all I can see when clicking "Other  
Options" is a "Save" / "View Thread" / "View All Parts"-Option, but no  
"View Message Headers"

I don't even know if it ever was there. I just recently noticed that  
it's missing (because i wanted to view some spam-mail headers)

Best wishes

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