[horde] No synckey could be found.

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Mon Jan 13 17:39:32 UTC 2014

Quoting Simon B <simon.buongiorno at gmail.com>:

> On 13 January 2014 17:13, Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> wrote:
>> Quoting Simon B <simon.buongiorno at gmail.com>:
>>> Hi Michael
>>> After upgrading to ActiveSyng 2.10.1 I noticed this in the activesync
>>> log for my device on the production server (I still can't get it to
>>> work on the git install).
>>> 2014-01-13T12:50:43+00:00 ERR: [21881] Attempting to add a collection
>>>                     to the sync cache while requiring a synckey, but no
>>>                     synckey could be found. Most likely a client error in
>>>                     requesting a collection during PING before it has
>>> issued a
>>>                     SYNC.
>>> What does this mean?  And any idea how to fix it?
>> It means that the client is broken and either (1) doesn't perform the
>> necessary local db cleanup when it receives a status code to reset it's
>> collection(s) - iOS does this - or (2) sends a PING request before all
>> collections have been initialized during the initial pairing.
>> The best way to fix is to recreate the account on the device. You could try
>> simply disabling/re-enabling all collections on the device first if you
>> want, but that doesn't usually work on iOS, as it stubbornly holds onto the
>> internal state, even when it's asked not to.
> Hi Mike
> I've recreated the account more times today than I can count (and
> yesterday when I removed the account and even rebooted before
> recreating it).  Unfortunately it means both the email clients on my
> device are broken (the native Google one (not Gmail, the other one)
> and Enhanced Email.  Enhanced Email is less broken, but doesn't allow
> me to create contacts.
> What I see on the device is that an initial sync is done but then the
> contacts later disappear (and won't reappear unless I:
> - turn off the sync,
> - reprovision the device in the admin/activesync.php
> - turn on the sync).
> Then a short time later the contacts disappear again.
> Oddly the calendar entries survive unless I add/change an event and
> then they too disappear.  This was working, but I don't know when it
> stopped as I've been working with the git install for a while now.
> One of my users used to have a similar problem which I blamed on the
> network, but it went away after they got a new device.
> I would have thought more people with stock ASOP devices would have
> this issue...

I don't see this issue on any of my android devices, stock, some  
CyanogenMod roms, and Samsung's proprietary client.

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