[horde] HGWE on Fedora?

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Tue Jan 14 18:02:22 UTC 2014

Em 14/01/14 15:27, Andreas Mauser escreveu:
> Dear List,
>> Till now, we have been running HGWE on RHEL.  RHEL always has very old
>> versions and we need to depend on third party yum repository for latest
>> versions.  Has anybody experience in setting and using HGWE on Fedora's
>> latest releases?
> I run Horde on Fedora 20 which runs very fast and stable and I 
> experienced no problems during normal installation. Since Fedora uses 
> Apache 2.4 you also will improve security with PFS.

     i have no doubt that it will run fast and stable on Fedora. Anyway, 
i stick with CentOS because i cant deal with Fedora's life cycle. After 
13 months of releasing, the version will be EOL and you'll have no 
security updates anymore. That's unacceptable to me, but may be OK for 
others :)


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