[horde] HGWE on Fedora?

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Tue Jan 14 19:43:58 UTC 2014

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> Em 14/01/14 15:27, Andreas Mauser escreveu:
>> Dear List,
>>> Till now, we have been running HGWE on RHEL.  RHEL always has very old
>>> versions and we need to depend on third party yum repository for latest
>>> versions.  Has anybody experience in setting and using HGWE on Fedora's
>>> latest releases?
>> I run Horde on Fedora 20 which runs very fast and stable and I  
>> experienced no problems during normal installation. Since Fedora  
>> uses Apache 2.4 you also will improve security with PFS.
>     i have no doubt that it will run fast and stable on Fedora.  
> Anyway, i stick with CentOS because i cant deal with Fedora's life  
> cycle. After 13 months of releasing, the version will be EOL and  
> you'll have no security updates anymore. That's unacceptable to me,  
> but may be OK for others :)

You are right with your concern in regard dealing with the life cycle issue.
On the other hand, since my system running Horde and some features  
only it will dist-upgrade with 99% successful rate, and you will gain  
in security and newest paket releases.
I considered a lot between life cycle and security, but I decided for  
the second.

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