[horde] trean upgrade reg.

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Jan 15 14:59:56 UTC 2014

Quoting ANANT S ATHAVALE <asa at isac.gov.in>:

> Dear List,
> The bookmarks which were created using Horde 3 are not getting listed in
> Horde 5.  I did not find any special upgrade instructions and upgrade is
> complete as per the configuration.

Trean was never released for Horde 3, in fact it wasn't officially  
released until Horde 5. You were using development code. Trean used to  
use Horde_DataTree for storage, but this has been deprecated since  
Horde 4 and was completely removed in Horde 5. As such, the migration  
scripts that existed for moving the data from the (never released)  
versions of Trean are no longer available.

> But, new bookmarks are getting added.  There is a column namely user_id
> which is numeric integer. But,  how it is mapped to username?  All Old
> entries have user_id = 0.

Trean makes heavy use of the Horde Content system. user_id represents  
the user id in the Content system's User Manager (sorry, don't have  
the code in front of me to give you actual class names). It represents  
the user that created the bookmark.

> Have I done any mistake during upgrade? 

No, you just waited too long to do so :)

> As not many users have used this feature, I can cleanup these tables for
> users to start using it fresh (as last option).

It's been way too long for me to remember the old structure, but it  
*might* be possible for you to write an upgrade script on your own if  
you still have the old datatree data available.

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