[horde] Mysql ssl connection problem

woj woj wojnas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 06:58:27 UTC 2014

i got problem with ssl connection to mysql server.
It is different server for changing passwords.
I checked horde and httpd log, and everything is allright.
I also checked ssl connection to mysql and its ok.
Certificate is readable by httpd user

Here is my config/config.local.php

$conf['wsql']['username'] = 'username';
$conf['wsql']['password'] = 'password';
$conf['wsql']['hostspec'] = 'srv_addres';
$conf['wsql']['port'] = 3306;
$conf['wsql']['protocol'] = 'tcp';
$conf['wsql']['database'] = 'databasename';
$conf['wsql']['charset'] = 'utf-8';
$conf['wsql']['ssl'] = true;
$conf['wsql']['ca'] = '/patch/to/cert.pem';
$conf['wsql']['splitread'] = false;
$conf['wsql']['phptype'] = 'mysql';

P.s. I checked transmission by tcpdump, and everything is in cleartext

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