[horde] ActiveSync behavior

Patrick De Zordo patrick at spamreducer.eu
Mon May 19 06:37:34 UTC 2014

Am 19.05.2014 07:05, schrieb b.klein at bkims.de:
>  Hi!
> I am new to this list and horde at all but i really like what i'seen so
> far.
> My first instance of horde runs (on a plesk system) fine. I installed a
> second instance of horde on an debian 6 system.

Have you installed Horde from GIT?

> I followed the documentation and everything runs just find with one big
> Problem.
> ActiveSync (Tested with iOS 7.1 and Outlook 2013) works just one time.
> After that, iOS stands on "Receiving mails" or in Outlook there is a
> "Waiting for server response".
> The logs (mail.log, Apache Logs, ActiveSync Log) are clean except of on
> litte php fatal unknown 0.
> If i try outlook first, it works onetime (downloading items and 
> updating an
> item). After that: "Waiting for server response."
> iOS then never works.
> After some time when Outlook is closed, i can connect at sync with iOS 
> one
> time.
> Microsofts Online ActiveSync tests are all passed...
> I think that has to do with number of requests or max connections. But im
> comming from Microsoft World so this is really new to me at all.

I have the same behavior (mailed to this list yesterday; but it was 

Could you check something?
1. If you make a new entry in OL calendar and wait (it could take longer 
than 10 minutes.., do it also if there is the "AUF DIE SERVERANTWORT 
2. Go in webmail to see the synchronized entry in calender there
3. Is there also a timedifference of -2h between you OL entry and the 
one in Webcalendar?

Viele Grüße!

> Hopefully somebody can help!
> Thanks in advice!
> Bastian Klein

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