[horde] ActiveSync behavior

Patrick De Zordo patrick at spamreducer.eu
Mon May 19 11:44:06 UTC 2014

- Whats the exact version of Horde and what of ActiveSync?
- Can you try to make a subfolder below Inbox? Is it appearing doubled?
- have you tried to enable Horde/ActiveSync logging (you can enable it in Horde settings)

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  I installed with pear.

1. pear install horde/Horde
2 Installation of Apps (imp, kronolith, nag, nmemo, trean, wicked, ingo,

Yes after some time, the item appears. There was a time difference, but
after i changed time format in horde user from UTC to Europa/Berlin time
was right.

Best Regards,

Quoting Patrick De Zordo <patrick at spamreducer.eu>:

> Am 19.05.2014 07:05, schrieb b.klein at bkims.de:
>> Hi!
>> I am new to this list and horde at all but i really like what i'seen so
>> far.
>> My first instance of horde runs (on a plesk system) fine. I installed a
>> second instance of horde on an debian 6 system.
> Have you installed Horde from GIT?
>> I followed the documentation and everything runs just find with one big
>> Problem.
>> ActiveSync (Tested with iOS 7.1 and Outlook 2013) works just one time.
>> After that, iOS stands on "Receiving mails" or in Outlook there is a
>> "Waiting for server response".
>> The logs (mail.log, Apache Logs, ActiveSync Log) are clean except of on
>> litte php fatal unknown 0.
>> If i try outlook first, it works onetime (downloading items and
>> updating an
>> item). After that: "Waiting for server response."
>> iOS then never works.
>> After some time when Outlook is closed, i can connect at sync with iOS
>> one
>> time.
>> Microsofts Online ActiveSync tests are all passed...
>> I think that has to do with number of requests or max connections. But
>> comming from Microsoft World so this is really new to me at all.
> I have the same behavior (mailed to this list yesterday; but it was
> sunday..);
> Could you check something?
> 1. If you make a new entry in OL calendar and wait (it could take longer
> than 10 minutes.., do it also if there is the "AUF DIE SERVERANTWORT
> 2. Go in webmail to see the synchronized entry in calender there
> 3. Is there also a timedifference of -2h between you OL entry and the
> one in Webcalendar?
> Viele Grüße!
>> Hopefully somebody can help!
>> Thanks in advice!
>> Bastian Klein
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