[horde] ActiveSync behavior

b.klein at bkims.de b.klein at bkims.de
Mon May 19 13:34:51 UTC 2014

  Sorry i cant find it anymore at the moment. But it just something like:

php fatal error: unknown 0

Something else:

2014-05-19T05:36:41+00:00 ERR: [8787] Unable to initialize state for
@Contacts at . Ignoring during pollForChanges: [8787] Empty synckey for
@Contacts at ..

This comes somestimes with calender, sometimes with tasks.

Can this be related?

Is it ok to repeat to the whole list or should i answer direct?
Want cause spam ;-)

Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting b.klein at bkims.de:
>> Hi!
>> I am new to this list and horde at all but i really like what i'seen so
>> far.
>> My first instance of horde runs (on a plesk system) fine. I installed a
>> second instance of horde on an debian 6 system. 
>> I followed the documentation and everything runs just find with one big
>> Problem.
>> ActiveSync (Tested with iOS 7.1 and Outlook 2013) works just one time.
>> After that, iOS stands on "Receiving mails" or in Outlook there is a
>> "Waiting for server response". 
>> The logs (mail.log, Apache Logs, ActiveSync Log) are clean except of on
>> litte php fatal unknown 0. 
> *What* php fatal error? What is the exact text of the error message?
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