[horde] General question to "horde-autoloader-cache-prune"

Arjen de Korte arjen+horde at de-korte.org
Tue May 20 10:37:40 UTC 2014

Citeren Patrick De Zordo <patrick at spamreducer.eu>:

> Am 20.05.2014 12:13, schrieb Arjen de Korte:
>> Not needed, APC will do this for you automatically. You can tune  
>> this to some extent, see the variables that are shown by phpinfo(),  
>> but I have never needed this. You'll want to keep an eye on  
>> 'apc.php' for the next few days to see if you have configured  
>> enough space. Some parts of Horde will slow down significantly if  
>> you run out of cache space. If you have a large userbase, you may  
>> need to increase this from the default value of 64 MB (if memory  
>> serves).
> For now the "Shared Memory" defaults to 32MBytes and I'll try with  
> this default a couple of days..

That is probably not going to be enough (even with just a handful of  
users). It will work, but not optimal. The opcode cache for Horde  
already uses something like 40 MB, so configuring less than that, will  
mean that is won't cache everything (which from a performance point of  
view is very desireable). If your server is not starved on RAM, I  
would consider 64 MB minimum for APC.
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