[horde] General question to "horde-autoloader-cache-prune"

Patrick De Zordo patrick at spamreducer.eu
Tue May 20 10:21:43 UTC 2014

Am 20.05.2014 12:13, schrieb Arjen de Korte:
> Not needed, APC will do this for you automatically. You can tune this 
> to some extent, see the variables that are shown by phpinfo(), but I 
> have never needed this. You'll want to keep an eye on 'apc.php' for 
> the next few days to see if you have configured enough space. Some 
> parts of Horde will slow down significantly if you run out of cache 
> space. If you have a large userbase, you may need to increase this 
> from the default value of 64 MB (if memory serves). 

For now the "Shared Memory" defaults to 32MBytes and I'll try with this 
default a couple of days..

Thank you very much!

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