[horde] 2 Topics about DMARC

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at horde.org
Wed Jun 11 17:57:16 UTC 2014

Quoting sca at andreasschulze.de:

> I like to encourage you to follow advise #1
> To achieve this simple change 3 settings for every list:
>   # Do not break existing DKIM signatures
> That will not make *every* message pass DMARC but much more then 0%  
> as currently.

Any solution that makes DMARC work "some" of the time, but not all of  
the time, is worthless.  It either works all of the time or there's no  
reason to support, IMHO (because how do you know the verification  
failures are "real" or due to broken mail formatting).


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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