[horde] greetings - some quick questions

Tim Streit ledoktre at meanie.us
Wed Jun 11 21:15:51 UTC 2014

On Jun 11, 2014, at 3:53 PM, Rick Romero <rick at havokmon.com> wrote:

>> For ActiveSync, it is my understanding that for a *server* (like Horde's
>> groupware stack) the license fees are not per user, but per server.
>> Client software I believe is per user. Additionally, it is also my
>> understanding that it is the provider of the software that is
>> responsible for selling the licenses (again, this would be Horde).
>> We have looked into the possibility of providing licenses for
>> ActiveSync, but there needs to be a large enough demand for the licenses
>> in order for us to recoup the initial, very substantial, up-front
>> royalty fees that would be due to Microsoft.
> I just double checked.  It's the upfront cost, and then annual fees for
> each Mailbox (which can come from the 'down payment'). 
> I think one can finnagle a restriction by protocol (ie, only pay for
> Mailboxes which are allowed to use ActiveSync).
> My document is from June 2013, so the legalese/pricing structure may have
> changed (and you have to sign an NDA, so we can't really compare
> anyways).  In addition, I run a public email service that utilizes Horde,
> so I may have be given different info than Horde devs...
> This part of the conversation wasn't covered by the NDA:
> "Are you interested in implementing ActiveSync protocols in your email
> server that talks to mobile devices?   If so, it’s per mailbox. We can
> share it terms in more detail under an NDA."
> Rick

At the time that you looked into it Rick, NDA withstanding of course, did you feel it was cost prohibitive to get it set up for a startup small to med business?  I looked at the list of people / companies who were licensing it on MS website, and I am surprised the list is not longer….  I did send an email over to them, so we'll see how it plays out I guess.  Easiest IMHO is to handle it through Horde.  Hopefully more volume, more volume might mean better price.  And a lot less monkeying around.

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