[horde] Extending userid's in Horde by a realm

Stephan Jacob stephan.jacob at ovgu.de
Thu Jun 12 07:27:32 UTC 2014


we run Horde 5.1.6 and imp 6.1.7.

We want to extent our Horde installation to a central Horde/Imp server which
provides access to different peripheral IMAP server. So I created a server
list in imp's backend.local.php. Choosing and login to the different server
works well.

Now we have the problem, that usernames are not unique among the different
IMAP server. That means, "user1" could be a valid userid for IMAP server A
and server B. But these are two different persons so Horde should load
different preferences for "user1" at server A and "user1" at server B. For
this, I want to extent the userid, the user enters in the login form, by a
realm. So the preferences in Horde are stored under userid's like
"user1 at serverA". I've googled a lot and found an authusername hook for an
old Horde version. Unfortunately this hook doesn't work in Horde 5.16 and
imp 6.1.7
Has someone an idea how to extent the userid by a realm? This extension must
be done after the userid was send to the IMAP server, because the mail
server need the original userid for authentication (not the extended


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