[horde] greetings - some quick questions

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jun 12 10:02:21 UTC 2014

Zitat von Tim Streit <ledoktre at meanie.us>:

> 5.  rpc.php - caldav / carddav.  When trying to play with, and I was  
> having some trouble with my Mac (10.8.3) and contacts / calendar.  I  
> had them setup as carddav and caldav, and I can view them fine in  
> the browser.   But I keep getting an error (The operation couldn't  
> be completed. (CoreDAVErrorDomain error 1.)).  I can't sync up or  
> down.  On calendar, it uploads a few, then it stops with an error -  
> a write permission error if I recall.  I can't reproduce it at the  
> moment.

Did you read http://wiki.horde.org/CalDAV and  
http://wiki.horde.org/CardDAV? Also, you need to provide at least some  
logs an exact error descriptions.

> 6. With rpc.php, when I try to do a sync with syncml on my desktop,  
> it seems like it works, but every time it gets done, it sits forever  
> on 'canceling…', and never finishes.  So it never comes back around  
> and syncs.

See above.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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