[horde] Question about upgrading from Horde 3.3.11 to latest version

Steffen skhorde at smail.inf.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de
Fri Jun 13 09:22:56 UTC 2014

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014, Mauricio Jose T. Tecles wrote:
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>> New to the mailing list.  Just inherited a server running Fedora 10 and 
>> Horde 3.3.11.
>> Need to know the best way to go about upgrading to the latest Horde.  Do I 
>> have to
>> upgrade to 4.0 first and then to 5.0 etc or is there a way to upgrade
>> directly to the
>> latest version?

I followed the same route as Mauricio.

1. I installed H5 from scratch with webmail-install and added the 
configuration step by step until the H5 installation worked like expected. 
Some settings can be copied from H3, some cannot. But the H3 config is a
good reference, in order to make sure you do not forget someting.

2. The data: 
2.1. I copied my running H3 into a virtual machine, upgraded that to the 
latest webmail 1.2 aka H3.3 
release, see http://www.horde.org/apps/horde/docs/UPGRADING. There is no 
need that the installation or features all work, it's all about the 
database. In fact, some features did _not_ worked on this intermediate 
machine, but the data were severe.

2.2 I copied the H5 install from step 1 into yet another virtual machine, 
imported the H3 database, re-ran the webmail-install script, which 
migrated the database, then finished with: echo y | kronolith-convert-to-utc

3. Lastly, I replaced the database of the H5 machine of step 1 with the 
one of step 2.2.

As you see, I did not upgrade the H3 inplace.


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