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2014-06-13 12:40 GMT+02:00 Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Zitat von grupo correo <grupodecorreo10 at gmail.com>:
>  2014-06-13 10:15 GMT+02:00 Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>>> Zitat von grupo correo <grupodecorreo10 at gmail.com>:
>>>  Hi all!!
>>>> First of all i want to give you my congratulations for HORDE.
>>>> I've got several questions about CALDAV in HORDE and Thunderbird.
>>>> When I create an recurring event in thunderbird into my CALDAV Calendar
>>>> and
>>>> i want to put this event only in workweek it doesn't works, thunderbird
>>>> fills all days, even saturdays and sundays. This issue is not happens
>>>> with
>>>> the same calendar subscribe via Ical.
>>> What does this have to do with Horde then?
>> Before sync with Horde, Thunderbird puts all the events in workweek
>> (Monday
>> to Friday). When I sync with Horde, (Icalendar (.ics) and CALDAV) horde
>> fills all week. (Monday to Sunday).
>> Another trouble is if i create a recurring event through a period of time
>>> from 23 June to 27 june included, in my CALDAV Calender in Thunderbird it
>>>> fills all days in this period until 26 June, not 27.
>>> Please be more specific, where do you create the event, how do you create
>>> it exactly, and do you have an iCalendar version of that event?
>>>  In the previous example (workweek syncing via Icalendadar(.ics)) if the
>> events are "event full day" in a period of time, 23 to 27 June,
>> thunderbird
>> puts all events until 27 and when i sync with horde works fine, but if my
>> calendar is CALDAV when i want to repeat an event full day from 23 June to
>> 27 June, Caldav puts the last day 26 June.
>> I hope to have been more specific, i usually explain issues so wrong...
> Sorry, I still cannot follow what you mean. First you talk about synching
> with Horde working fine, then you talk about CalDAV not working fine. But
> Horde *does* synchronize via CalDAV.

Don't worry about that, let me start again and im gonna try to be much
better in my explications. Sorry.

In the first case, The thing is, i open thunderbird, in lightning I
suscribe my calendar with the Horde URL installed in my servers. New
calendar in internet --> ICalendar , introduce my URL (
https://domain/rpc.php/kronolith/user@domain/XXXXXXXXXX.ics). this calendar
in Thunderbird i creat an event called "Workweek event", from 20 June to
6th July. Before clic in Sync button in Lightning there is no problem, the
event appears from 20 to 6th july excluding Saturdays and Sundays, but when
i clic in Sync button, kronolith must do something strange because in that
moment my Calendar in thunderbird appears all days from 20 June to 6th July
including saturdays and sundays. Thats occurs with ics and caldav calendars
syncing with kronolith and thunderbird.

The second one, in thunderbird with my calendar subscribed with caldav or
ics to kronolith i create an event which is a full day event and a
recurring event, i mean, full day event in June from 23 to 29, all days.
Just in the moment of the creation in thunderbird with ICS, the calendar
appears all days, both of them included (23 and 29), but when i clic in
Sync button kronolith must do the same of the previous case, because now my
calendar show all day until 29, but last one (29) is not included.
If i have my calendar suscribed with caldav to kronolith is not necessary
to clic in sync button, but i have the same problem. Only i have my event
until one day before i wish, i mean, 28 June.

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for my explanations.


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