[horde] Question about upgrading from Horde 3.3.11 to latest version

Tim Grooms timgrooms at noacon.com
Thu Jun 12 15:31:06 UTC 2014


New to the mailing list.  Just inherited a server running Fedora 10 and 
Horde 3.3.11.
Need to know the best way to go about upgrading to the latest Horde.  Do 
I have to
upgrade to 4.0 first and then to 5.0 etc or is there a way to upgrade 
directly to the
latest version?

Anything I should watch for during this upgrade?

And one other question to see if the upgrade will take care of a problem 
our users
are having.

When a user composes a 'New Message" and starts typing email addresses 
in the
To: field, they are able to select email addresses that pop up from the 
address book.
After about the 3rd or 4th email address, the pop comes up off the 
screen to the left
where you are unable to identify who to select.  Is this a known problem 
that's been
fixed in later versions?

Thanks for any help.


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