[horde] Logging into Horde from another website.

Ernie Dunbar maillist at lightspeed.ca
Tue Jun 24 19:01:57 UTC 2014


Hi all. 

Way back in Horde 3.3.6, it used to be possible to log into Horde
through a web form at another location, just using some embedded HTML
form values, ie: 

> <form action='https://webmail.lightspeed.ca/horde/imp/redirect.php'> 
> <input type=text size=25 name='imapuser' id='imapuser'> 
> <input type=password size=25 name='pass' id='pass'> 
> </form>

However, this form no longer appears to work in Horde 5.1.6, and just
puts the user at the Horde login prompt (again, from their point of
view). Since users are used to logging into our webmail through our home
page, it's pretty important that upgrading to the latest version of
Horde be as seamless as it used to be. What do we need to do to make
this work? 

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