[horde] Error searching imp folders

Andre Luiz Paiz andre.paiz at iqm.unicamp.br
Tue Jul 22 16:30:10 UTC 2014

Dear Horde Team,
After upgrading to version 5.2, users are experiencing problems performing
searchs inside imp mailboxes.
The error in the log file displays the following:

WARN: HORDE [imp] [search] Could not open mailbox "impsearchvinbox". [pid
32115 on line 732 of "/var/www/html/horde/imp/lib/Imap.php"]


WARN: HORDE [imp] [search] Could not open mailbox "impsearch".

My CentOS server has the php-5.5.14-2.el6.remi.x86_64 package installed and
this error started after 5.2 upgrade from 5.1.4.

I appreciate if you can help me.

/André Luiz Paiz/
/Analista de Redes/
/Instituto de Química – Unicamp/
/andre.paiz at iqm.unicamp.br/
/Telefone: (19)3521-0197/

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