[horde] Autologin to Ingo

Rick Romero rick at havokmon.com
Wed Jul 23 18:56:01 UTC 2014

I have my own form, but I want to pass known credentials to login to Horde
without sending them to the browser.

So I copied login.php and took my form vars and added them to the top:

$_GET["url"]="/horde/ingo/basic.php?page=filters";  //Why not try it..
$_POST["_action"]="login" ;

I can login, but I'm not automatically redirected to Ingo, but my normal
portal page.  It's driving me crazy, because the hidden 'url' parameter
works from the form... What am I missing?  'app' never worked for me, just
the 'url' param.

I recognize some of those may not be necessary, my custom form allows a
user to choose from multiple destinations.


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