[horde] Ingo rules not getting migrated

John H. Bennett III bennettj at thebennetthome.com
Fri Sep 5 21:58:33 UTC 2014


Getting ready to migrate from horde 3 to latest horde 5, and I noticed  
during my tests, that none of my ingo rules, or whitelist/blacklist  
entries are being migrated.

Before the migration, I see the rules in the horde_prefs tables.   
pref_scope is ingo, pref_name is rules and pref_value has various  
entries. Whitelist entries are there with whitelist pref_name, and  
blacklist entries with blacklist pref_name.

After the migration horde_prefs show pref_scope and name are the same,  
but under pref_value is [BLOB - 256 B].

If I create a new rule, it does get placed in the ingo_rules table and  
is visible.  Creating a new white/black list is stored in the  
ingo_lists table.

What have I missed in getting my rules migrated?

Thank you,


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