[horde] upgrading / scripts folder?

Joe @ 3ZZZ joe at 3zzz.net
Mon Oct 6 05:28:09 UTC 2014

Hello -

I've been trying to upgrade from Horde 3 to 5, but seem to be stuck.  
My new installation of Horde doesn't have a scripts directory - is  
that where I'd find any SQL upgrade scripts?  Haven't been able to  
find that anywhere.  Do I need to look on Git?

Below is a summary of the issues I'm seeing on the new system.  Thank  
you in advance for any advice or suggestions,

installed horde with pear and it did not seem to come with a scripts  

"At least one database schema is outdated"
mnemo is coming from H3 (2.2.3)
when i try to update the schema for mnemo, this is the error:
   QUERY FAILED: Unknown column 'share_parents' in 'mnemo_shares'  
ALTER TABLE `mnemo_shares` CHANGE `share_parents` `share_parents`  

Everything else on the page says "SQL DB schema is ready."

When the user clicks on the 'Calendar' menu heading, the calendar  
appears with this error:

QUERY FAILED: Unknown column 'event_url' in 'field list' SELECT  
event_id, event_uid, event_description, event_location, event_private,  
event_status, event_attendees, event_title, event_recurcount,  
event_url, event_timezone, event_recurtype, event_recurenddate,  
event_recurinterval, event_recurdays, event_start, event_end,  
event_allday, event_alarm, event_alarm_methods, event_modified,  
event_exceptions, event_creator_id, event_resources, event_baseid,  
event_exceptionoriginaldate FROM kronolith_events WHERE calendar_id =  
'gltKD7I_VyqNLLZyvfDtqw1' AND ((event_end >= '2014-08-31 07:00:00' AND  
event_start <= '2014-10-05 06:59:59') OR (event_recurenddate >=  
'2014-08-31 07:00:00' AND event_start <= '2014-10-05 06:59:59' AND  
event_recurtype <> 0))

When try to add a contact with the address book:
There was an error adding the new contact. Contact your system  
administrator for further help.

The requested URL /nag/t/save was not found on this server.

Fatal error with ingo, duplicate key.  This happened for a few  
customers and I was able to resolve by updating the ingo_rules table  
and changing the id from 0 to the next number incrementally. For now  
I've taken Ingo out of the config.

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