[horde] upgrading / scripts folder?

Joe @ 3ZZZ joe at 3zzz.net
Sat Oct 11 03:13:45 UTC 2014

Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting Joe @ 3ZZZ <joe at 3zzz.net>:
>> Hello -
>> I've been trying to upgrade from Horde 3 to 5, but seem to be  
>> stuck. My new installation of Horde doesn't have a scripts  
>> directory - is that where I'd find any SQL upgrade scripts?   
>> Haven't been able to find that anywhere.  Do I need to look on Git?
> Starting with Horde 4, we moved to a "migrations" system that is  
> responsible for maintaining the db schema between versions. The  
> migration system assumes that any existing database schema that  
> hasn't been migrated is in the same state it would have been as of  
> the last stable version of Horde 3. It sounds to me like at least  
> some of your applications were not fully up to date with H3 when you  
> decided to move to H5.

Thanks for your advice.  I've updated all the apps to the latest  
stable H3 versions.  no database changes were required.

>> Below is a summary of the issues I'm seeing on the new system.   
>> Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions,
>> Joe
>> installed horde with pear and it did not seem to come with a  
>> scripts directory?
>> "At least one database schema is outdated"
>> mnemo is coming from H3 (2.2.3)
>> when i try to update the schema for mnemo, this is the error:
>>  QUERY FAILED: Unknown column 'share_parents' in 'mnemo_shares'  
>> ALTER TABLE `mnemo_shares` CHANGE `share_parents` `share_parents`  
>> varchar(4000)
> See above.

upgraded to the latest h3 version; there's no reference to  
'share_parents' anywhere in the source folder, so I don't think this  
could be right?  I've done a lot of searches, read a lot of documents  
and found scant clues.  How would my database normally get this  
column?  Can I manually update the schema?

>> Everything else on the page says "SQL DB schema is ready."
>> When the user clicks on the 'Calendar' menu heading, the calendar  
>> appears with this error:
>> QUERY FAILED: Unknown column 'event_url' in 'field list' SELECT  
>> event_id, event_uid, event_description, event_location,  
>> event_private, event_status, event_attendees, event_title,  
>> event_recurcount, event_url, event_timezone, event_recurtype,  
>> event_recurenddate, event_recurinterval, event_recurdays,  
>> event_start, event_end, event_allday, event_alarm,  
>> event_alarm_methods, event_modified, event_exceptions,  
>> event_creator_id, event_resources, event_baseid,  
>> event_exceptionoriginaldate FROM kronolith_events WHERE calendar_id  
>> = 'gltKD7I_VyqNLLZyvfDtqw1' AND ((event_end >= '2014-08-31  
>> 07:00:00' AND event_start <= '2014-10-05 06:59:59') OR  
>> (event_recurenddate >= '2014-08-31 07:00:00' AND event_start <=  
>> '2014-10-05 06:59:59' AND event_recurtype <> 0))
> Same here.

Same here.  no reference to the missing column in the latest stable H3  
version of the app.
kronolith-h3-2.3.6]# grep -R event_url *  -> no result
what am I missing?

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