[horde] Strange Active Sync Problem with leaking calender data

lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de
Wed Dec 10 15:16:06 UTC 2014


we had the problem that on User A iPhone connected with Active Sync to  
latest Horde/Kronolith events appeared which are created in unrelated  
User B calender. All our user have read permissin to each other  
calender, but there was only User A calender marked for sync and to my  
knowledge it isn't even possible to sync a shared read only calender  
with Active Sync. We have verified that User A indeed has no write  
permission to User B calender and that neither User A nor User B has  
anything other marked for sync beside their own calender. Both User  
sync with Active Sync but different devices. In the WebUI all is well  
and i have not found anything special in the database.

Unfortunately User B has since then deleted some stale Active Sync  
Devices in the profile and the issue seams to be gone away now...

What we have is one event belonging User B which User A tried to  
delete by Active Sync

/tmp/APPLDNQK87E6DTC0.txt:2014-12-08T16:14:45+01:00 INFO: [30833]  
20141203093617.hH9HjB-KBSzda-rjOCgR4A1 at webmail.kwsoft.de)
/tmp/APPLDNQK87E6DTC0.txt:2014-12-10T12:04:37+01:00 INFO: [5348]  
20141203093617.hH9HjB-KBSzda-rjOCgR4A1 at webmail.kwsoft.de ...)
/tmp/APPLDNQK87E6DTC0.txt:2014-12-10T12:04:37+01:00 ERR: [5348] Change  
message failed when updating  
20141203093617.hH9HjB-KBSzda-rjOCgR4A1 at webmail.kwsoft.de
/tmp/APPLDNQK87E6DTC0.txt:    [0] =>  
20141203093617.hH9HjB-KBSzda-rjOCgR4A1 at webmail.kwsoft.de

and the according add to one of User B devices:

/tmp/BB5017FDAD.txt:2014-12-06T19:58:49+01:00 INFO: [24740]  
20141203093617.hH9HjB-KBSzda-rjOCgR4A1 at webmail.kwsoft.de)

Might this be cause by stale/double device/collection whatever IDs in  
the cache? We have around 30 EAS User whith none of them beside this  
two have this issue.

Thanks for any help


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