[horde] trean: 404 when deleting or saving after edit

Philip Frei pjf at gmx.de
Sun Dec 14 09:14:10 UTC 2014

Am Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:04:13 +0100
schrieb Jan Niggemann <jn at hz6.de>:

> Creating bookmarks works fine, but saving after editing reproduceably 
> produces a 404 with http://domain.de/horde/trean/b/save not being
> found, the same goes for deleting

What's your OS? Do you use php-fpm?

I have the same problem as described on a Debian system with php-fpm
enabled. Without php-fpm everything works like expected. But I don't
have a clue how to configure it right.

greetings Philip.

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