[horde] Global preferences won't persist...

Michael Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Sun Jan 4 20:38:33 UTC 2015

On Sun, 2015-01-04 at 09:11 -0200, Luis Felipe Marzagao wrote:
> On 04-01-2015 02:55, Michael Robinson wrote:
> > conf.php from horde5/config is attached along with backends.php from
> > horde5/imp/config.  I can't get the default identity to persist with
> You shouldn't attach sensitive configuration files with passwords for 
> your servers. I recommend you change those passwords.

Yes, but the database isn't accessible by the outside world so it's not
a serious issue.

> > the correct information.  The imp app doesn't work at all if the source
> > email address isn't set.  I'm trying to store the identity in a
> > postgresql database, but it isn't storing the data for some reason.
> I don't know why postgresql isn't working for you, but if that's the 
> case some error should be yielded either to the screen or the logs. Are 
> you able to create database entries using other horde applications?
> As for the backends.php, you really shouldn't make changes to this file, 
> but create other file called backends.local.php and add just what you 
> need in that file, as described at the beginning of backends.php.

At first, I could not get a backends.local.php file to work.  Reverted
the domain name changes back to localhost in backends.php.

> bakcends.php will be overwritten on every update.
> Also, why have you entered configuration paramaters for 'pop' and 
> 'advanced' servers? I've noticed they are disabled, so it doesn't 
> matter. By why changing them in the first place? They are just examples 
> and in most cases you will want to enable just one of the servers, like 
> the "imap" server.

Stripped all but the imap server section in a backends.local.php file.

> > I've checked extensively that the will not persist issue is still a
> > problem after upgrading to all the latest packages for horde-5.2.3 via
> > pear.  Please fix this in the next release of horde, it is really
> > annoying.
> I don't think just complaining will get you very far. This is definitely 
> not the way of seeking for help. It would be much more helpful if you 
> provided log error messages instead.

Complaining is the only way I got an answer that was meaningful at all,
but generally I'm not trying to complain in particular.  This wasn't an
issue until I upgraded from horde 5.1.x to horde 5.2.x.  Something has
changed that has created this problem.  Probably there is a simple
solution, a simple change to conf.php, but I may have to make the change
manually.  As far as log error messages, I'm not getting any error
messages where I would want to strip them out of the log if I did.
I need logging to go to a separate file.

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