[horde] ActiveSync Configuration Issue

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue Jan 27 21:29:48 UTC 2015

Quoting Roman Gelfand <rgelfand2 at gmail.com>:

> I am trying to sync Firstname, Lastname, Work phone between android phone (
> active sync )  horde and backend personal_ldap.  It works when I add a
> contact from horde but not from android.
> backends.php  (horde to personal_ldap map)
>         'name' => array('fields' => array('lastname', 'firstname',
> 'company'),
>                          'format' => '%s, %s, %s',
>                          'attribute' => 'cn')
>         'firstname' => 'givenName',
>         'lastname' => 'sn',
>         'workPhone' => 'telephoneNumber',
> in Drivers.php (ActiveSync to Horde map)
>        'name' => 'fileas',
>         'lastname' => 'lastname',
>         'firstname' => 'firstname',
>         'workPhone' => 'businessphonenumber',
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Without more information it's impossible to say what's going on.

Look in Turba_Driver::fromASContact(). Use Horde::debug($hash);  
(output is in horde_debug.txt in your temp directory) at the end of  
that method to find out what the value of the hash is after we convert  
it from the AS object.

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