[horde] Kerberos/NTLM authentication

Ruben Squartini ruben at auger.org.ar
Thu Jan 29 22:56:43 UTC 2015

Hi people!

I would like to know if there is any way to caputre credentials sent by
browsers to send them directly to horde/imp authentication.

We are implementig a SSO system and the only remaining service that is not
being "automatically authenticated" is Horde.

I would really like to integrate this and show the customer it is as
flexible as other (much less powerful, but MS compatible) webmail clients.

In the case is not already there how complex (expensive) can it be to
develop this issue?


/Administrador de Sistemas y Comunicaciones
Observatorio Pierre Auger Argentina
Av. San Martín (N) 304 - Malargüe - CP 5613 - Mendoza
(0260) 154663110 - (0260) 4471556 int 113/
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