[horde] A hi from a new user

Maurice Kellenaers maurice at gkbikes.eu
Wed Feb 18 09:58:14 UTC 2015

>>>> - The first thing is that I can't create a task from a calendar    
>>>> appointment. As far as I have read the docs, this is on the    
>>>> roadmap/todo list. That is fine by me, so it will come in the   
>>>> future.
>>> Not sure what exactly you mean with creating a task from an    
>>> appointment, but what's on the roadmap is just to merge the tasks   
>>> and  calendar applications. This is just a technical thing and   
>>> won't change  anything from the user's perspective.
>> Let's say for example there is an appointment X on March 20, black   
>> tie dresscode.
>> The appointment is in the calendar.
>> create task from appointment on feb 16; "call for tux", create task  
>>  from appointment on March 19;"pick up tux"
>> So when clicking on/creating appointment, the possibility to create  
>>  a task(s) with the appointment in the calendar as parent.
> That's an interesting concept. Where did you borrow it from? And is   
> this just some simplification for creating the tasks, or do they  
> still  show up an sub-tasks in the event view?

I have seen it somewhere before. Don't exactly recall where, since I  
have reviewed several groupware suites and some lasted only for a  
couple of hours before discarding them.
As of how you describe it, I have thought on this for some time. It  
could be a way of simplification of creating tasks/subtasks in one way  
and show them as sub-tasks in an other way.

Maybe we discuss it in private first, then put this as a separate item  
back on the (appropriate) list second?

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