[horde] related tasks (was Re: A hi from a new user)

Maurice Kellenaers maurice at gkbikes.eu
Wed Feb 18 10:26:40 UTC 2015

I see that it is picked up by more people... great!
I agree with Michael that it should be a tab in the agenda and it also  
could expand to other objects such as notes, messages, bookmarks and  
maybe even to photo albums and filemanager.

On the other hand, I would also give a word of caution not to break  
anything else (I've seen it happen before and the whole thing was  
discarded afterwards; in an other context but the same applies here).
I would take the slow approach and do it one item a time, not the  
whole thing at once.

As to back to my example, I was only looking at creating a  
task/subtask from an appointment as simplifying creating  
tasks/subtasks with the appointment as parent item.

Adding other objects such as notes, bookmarks, photo albums or other  
documents (from filemanager) are optional and could be added in a  
separate tab as to maintain a good overview without the chance of  
missing something. maybe the tabs could be greyed out if no other item  
resides in it.


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