[horde] ActiveSync stops syncing mail with SQL error

Michael Polenske m.polenske at web.de
Thu Feb 19 09:52:55 UTC 2015

Good morning,

since a few days I cannot see new mails on my mobile device (iphone). 
When I go to webinterface or use Outlook 2013 everything seems to be 
fine. I activated logging für ActiveSync and can see a SQL error if I 
start to sync with my mobile device:

2015-02-19T10:22:52+01:00 ERR: HORDE SQL QUERY FAILED: SQLSTATE[23000]: 
Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 
'{54e5ab5b-f94c-4ffb-911b-2d8ec0a82a03}3' for key 'PRIMARY'
         INSERT INTO horde_activesync_state (sync_key, sync_data, 
       }}', 1424337772) [pid 11662 on line 204 of 

Calendar, Addressbook and also Mail-Subfolders are synced correctly, 
only the Main-Inbox-Folder stops syncronising. Horde was updated with 
"pear upgrade -a -B -c horde" to latest version.

Any hint/advise ?

Many thanks in advance - Michael

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