[horde] Horde-themes

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Fri Feb 27 07:22:19 UTC 2015


This is about my horde themes.

I have been busy with this the last 2 months.
And sometimes I am too quick to publish.
I am sorry If I have made some of you busy by publishing too quick.

But I have good news.

The Download page is rewritten.
A new pack with all tested themes in one file is made.
I have made new Install and remove scripts.
Many corrections is made to the "old themes" for Horde 5.2.
Two new themes is ready to publish.

I have good help in testing. But one can never test to much.
So if any of you find things I haven't seen, or that look wrong.
Please do contact me at erling at eph.dk.
I will look into things asap.

Themes list:
Gold, Red-wine, Matrix, White and XP-blue.

Install procedure:
Just unpack in a temp directory, with kept folder structure.
Run "sudo bash install.sh" and answer the questions.
Two new remove scripts is in the new combined pack.
One to remove only one theme, and one to remove all my themes.
Just run as root and they will "ask and do".

Link to download page:
At the download page there is links to presentations.

Link to combined pack:

Do have a nice weekend.

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