[horde] Linked attachments don't work as expected

Benedetto Vassallo benedetto.vassallo at unipa.it
Fri Feb 27 09:58:12 UTC 2015

I am recently update my horde installation to horde 5.2.4/imp 6.2.7  
and have an issue when try to send linked attachments.

My imp configuration is:

$conf['compose']['use_vfs'] = true;
$conf['compose']['link_attachments_notify'] = false;
$conf['compose']['link_attach_threshold'] = 5242880;
$conf['compose']['link_attach_size_hard'] = 5242880;
$conf['compose']['link_attach_size_limit'] = 104857600;
$conf['compose']['link_attachments'] = true;
$conf['compose']['attach_size_limit'] = 0;
$conf['compose']['attach_count_limit'] = 0;

When I try to send a single attached file bigger than 5 MB, it works  
as expected.
When I try to send, say 3 files of 2 MB each, the response is "Error  
when communicating with the server" and the mail is not sent.

In my log I see the following message:

2015-02-27T11:17:06+01:00 EMERG: HORDE [imp] Call to a member function  
setRaw() on a non-object [pid 29524 on line 2909 of  
2015-02-27T11:17:06+01:00 DEBUG: HORDE 1.  

I saw there is a bug solution in bugs.horde.org (ticket 13665), but  
this does not fix my issue.

Thank you in advantage for any solution that fixes this issue.
Best regards.

Benedetto Vassallo
Responsabile U.O.B. Sviluppo e manutenzione dei sistemi
Sistema Informativo di Ateneo
Università degli studi di Palermo

Phone: +3909123860056
Fax: +390916529124

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