[horde] Transition from Google to horde

Jan Niggemann jn at hz6.de
Fri Apr 10 22:45:14 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have my google calendar as an external calendar in kronolith. I  
don't want to use my google calendar anymore and delete all data from  
google, but keep all appointments in kronolith.

I'm quite sure that all appointments from my external google calendar  
are already in my horde database (although I can't find what table  
they're in) and that each event has a relation to some kind of  
calendar id. If all those "Google-Events" have a relation to my google  
calendar, would I be able to UPDATE those events and change the  
relation, so they belong to my standard horde calendar?

Are there better ways to keep my old "google data" while removing all  
appointments from my google calendar?


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