[horde] User-ID mapping for Android/Outlook autodiscovery?

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Jun 11 14:22:34 UTC 2015

Quoting Bjoern Voigt <bjoernv at arcor.de>:

> I am new with Horde 5.2. My Horde 5.2 installation uses a Courier
> IMAP as authentication driver.
> Manual configuration of Active Sync (Exchange) accounts on Outlook
> 2013 and Android 4.4 seams to work. I haven't tested the accounts
> intensively.
> But I can not get autodiscovery to run. I need some kind of userId
> mapping. For instance userId "hans" (Courier IMAP user) has the
> email address "hans.mayer at domain.com".
> I tried different userId mapping hooks
> config/hooks.local.php: authusername, preauthenticate and
> activesync_get_autodiscover_username
> imp/config/hooks.local.php: preauthenticate
> To see, if the hooks are called I installed some debugging code
> first, e.g. in imp/config/hooks.local.php
> class IMP_Hooks {
>     public function preauthenticate($userId, $credentials) {
>         Horde::log("UserId input: ".$userId, 'ERR');
>         $outuserid=$userId;
>         return array(
>           'credentials' => $credentials,
>           'userId' => $outuserid
>       );
>     }
> }
> I found, that the hooks (authusername and preauthenticate) are
> called within the normal Horde Webmail interface.
> But in autodiscovery I see no debugging output in horde.log. I see
> only the failing login from IMAP server.

You have to explicitly configure horde to use the hook to generate the  
proper username. This is done in the ActiveSync configuration page  
($conf[activesync][autodiscovery]). This will cause the  
activesync_get_autodiscover_username to be used.

> Outlook 2013 sends "hans.mayer at domain.com" (Input
> hans.mayer at domain.com) to IMAP. Android sends "hans.mayer". Of
> course the authentication fails, because "hans" is the right username.

The specifications say that Autodiscovery MUST use the user's email as  
entered in the client's configuration, though many, many clients are  
broken in this respect - hence the reason for all the configuration  
options :)


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