[horde] User-ID mapping for Android/Outlook autodiscovery?

Bjoern Voigt bjoernv at arcor.de
Thu Jun 11 23:01:50 UTC 2015

Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
> You have to explicitly configure horde to use the hook to generate
> the proper username. This is done in the ActiveSync configuration
> page (Admin->Configuration->Horde->ActiveSync->Autodiscovery
> ($conf[activesync][autodiscovery]). This will cause the
> activesync_get_autodiscover_username to be used.
Thanks. This works.

>> Outlook 2013 sends "hans.mayer at domain.com" (Input
>> hans.mayer at domain.com) to IMAP. Android sends "hans.mayer". Of
>> course the authentication fails, because "hans" is the right
>> username.
> The specifications say that Autodiscovery MUST use the user's
> email as entered in the client's configuration, though many, many
> clients are broken in this respect - hence the reason for all the
> configuration options :)
Ok, but after testing of all devices from all my customers I can fix
my hooks code. ;-)


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