[horde] [SECURITY] Horde 5.2.8 (final)

Ralph Ballier ballier at mail.schule.de
Wed Oct 21 06:36:17 UTC 2015

  Zitat von Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> The Horde Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Horde
> Application Framework version 5.2.8.
> The Horde Application Framework is a flexible, modular, general-purpose
> web
> application framework written in PHP. It provides an extensive array of
> components that are targeted at the common problems and tasks involved in
> developing modern web applications. It is the basis for a large number of
> production-level web applications, notably the Horde Groupware suites.
> For more
> information on Horde or the Horde Groupware suites, visit
> http://www.horde.org.

  Thank your for your efforts.

If I as admin click at "Search for newer versions", I get a list of newer
versions on the right side of screen.

But I remember that in the past there where a button above at the screen,
lettered with "Automatic installation" or similar.

I miss this button.


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