[horde] Migrating Database from horde3 to horde5

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Wed Dec 2 19:41:24 UTC 2015

Some folks had asked me for the scripts I use to migrate the databases.
You can see what I'm using at:

I'll also attempt to attach the tiny tarball in a separate reply.  (In
case it gets filtered or dropped.)

I run the generate-snapshot script from cron (every fifteen minutes) so
I have an up to date backup in case the ancient machine dies, and this
lets me do a test migration at any time without waiting for mysql to
dump things out.

You will need to edit at least clean-database and generate-snapshot
appropriately.  clean-database actually does the upgrading.  There is
some SQL at the bottom there to manually fix up problems I encountered
during the upgrade which you will certainly need to tweak or remove.

This all does appear to work for me, but I don't think anyone here is an
extensive tester of much besides the webmail portion of things.

 - J<

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