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Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Dec 2 18:43:21 UTC 2015

Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting Corinne Le Moan <lemoan at enib.fr>:
>> Le 20/11/2015 14:07, Michael J Rubinsky a écrit :
>>> Quoting Corinne Le Moan <lemoan at enib.fr>:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> since last upgrade, its seems that event status is no more  
>>>> reported to mobile devices thru activesync. I switch on  
>>>> activesync log. I dont see any error...
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>>>> Corinne Le Moan
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>>> Cannot reproduce.
>>> What are you expecting to see? What do you see? I would need a  
>>> sync log to help further.
>> Hi, sorry, I'm not very reactive ...
>> Some of users are complaining about event status that are not  
>> synchronized with android mobile devices especially canceled  
>> status. They say that canceled events was hidden from android  
>> calendar as they are strikethrough on web interface. Now cenceled  
>> events remain visible on mobile device, the biggest problem is that  
>> when a canceled event is edited on mobile device, its status  
>> becomes "attempt" on server. I tried with an ical synchronisation  
>> on mobile device, canceled events are not shown as expected.
>> I hope I'm clear. Sorry for my poor englsh.
>> Thanks in advance for your help.
>> Corinne
> I've made some changes in Git to ensure the cancelled status is  
> synchronized properly. However, Android clients seem to  
> automatically reset the status client side when the event is edited  
> on the client. I.e.:
> * Create a new event in Kronolith -> event is correctly synchronized.
> * Set status to cancelled in kronolith -> cancelled status is sent  
> to client (some clients interpret this as "Show me as Free" instead  
> of marking it as "Cancelled")>
> * Edit the event on the client -> the status the client sends back  
> to the horde server is reset.
> Unfortunately, there is nothing Horde can do to alter the behavior  
> of the client in this case. The recent changes will be in the next  
> Kronolith bug release:
> https://github.com/horde/horde/commit/cb83b218b843404dc75ad6a31e0aa6df251adabc
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For what it's worth, I've sent a bug report to the "Nine" client  
developers who are normally very responsive. I have given up a while  
ago on reporting these types of issues to Android and/or proprietary  
client devs (like Samsung etc...).

The Horde Project
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