[horde] Configuration tabs greyed out and not responding - SOLVED

Dennis Terebecki dtex23 at gmail.com
Fri May 13 22:55:38 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I have spent several hours banging my head searching around the web looking
for a solution to, well, what the subject line says.  If this is well know,
please forgive the post.  I couldn't get back any relevant results from
Google, so I am hoping that this post might help someone else in the future.

After doing a fresh install of the Horde framework (5.2.10), when I
navigated to the site to start configuring Horde, the configuration
navigation tabs did not work. I could see the "general" tab for each
section, but couldn't navigate off of it, e.g. to Database, etc.

Using another post as a clue, I checked the Browser Console of Firefox and
saw "ReferenceError: HordeCore is not defined", "TypeError:
sections_horde_config_form is undefined", and "TypeError: document.observe
is not a function".  The first two appear to reference config.php, while
the last one references topbar.js.

Just on a lark, I checked the server error logs and saw that each
javascript file was being served with a 404 response code like it wasn't
there to be served... hmmm.  `locate sidebar.js` didn't find anything on
the machine, but it apparently really is necessary as the devs wouldn't
have written it for no reason.

pear upgrade horde/Horde_Core didn't work, because pear insisted that the
module was already installed, but...

  pear upgrade --force horde/Horde_Core

For those unfamiliar with pear (like me!)
  pear upgrade --force --alldeps horde/Horde_Core
will force upgrade everything that Horde_Core relies on (which seems to be
the entire system), so that every piece comes out with a fresh, shiny coat.

Hope this helps someone else out there.


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