[horde] User not authorized for mail

Simon B simon.buongiorno at gmail.com
Sat May 14 20:46:52 UTC 2016

On 14 May 2016 01:42, "Dennis Terebecki" <dtex23 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Using Horde 5.2.10, freshly installed,
> I have an issue where two users are not being displayed the "Mail" link in
> their top menu bar.  I've followed the recommended troubleshooting
> procedures in the FAQ at https://wiki.horde.org/faq/admin/troubleshoot and
> cannot seem to make headway.  Also, any options associated with Mail: do
> not show up in the Add Content portal blocks.
> Interestingly, I noticed that I have (fully functional, read, send,
> receive) mail displayed to me (the administrator), so I promoted one of
> other users to administrator, and mail started working for them, with the
> ability to add the portal block, view, send and receive mail.  As soon as
> the user was removed from the administrator group, the message "User xxx
> not authorized for Mail (Host: x.x.x.x)".
> How to fix this so that a non administrator user is authorized to use
> Imp/Mail?

I'm pretty sure if you search the archives with that error and my email
address you'll find file permissions are the problem...


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