[horde] [dev] Horde 6 vs. Horde 5.3

Steffen skhorde at smail.inf.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de
Thu Jun 23 06:25:41 UTC 2016

On Thu, 16 Jun 2016, Paco Orozco wrote:

> We have a lot of users that have started using the calenda. The bugs and
> pending improvements of the current horde version are producing a lot of
> pressure to us to find an alternative.
> Having a H5.3 version, with the development Kronolith version, will help
> us a lot. This could reduce the pressure from our users.

that is one major point here as well. Users started to use Kronolith 
widely (more than I expected, in fact), because of ActiveSync and 

Besides client-side sync problems, one of the largest problem currently is 
- don't take me wrong here - automatically sent notifications for sync'ed 
actions. Because many users receive appointments from Exchange, for which 
they do *not* want to sent notifications to attendees again, because 
those are not "filtered away" automatically by Exchange, but presented to 
the users as message. For what reason ever. I thought Outlook / Exchange 
would automagically accept those messages as reply and change the attendee 
status of the appointment.

>>>> The flipside is, that:
>>>> - Horde 6 will delay even further

Better stable than early

>>> IMP in master is already labeled as 7 (not that this can't be

>>> still a BC break). To my knowledge the only Horde code that had used
>>> this bit of information is ActiveSync, but it was refactored to use
>>> the new data anyway.
>>> Then there is the fact that the basic and minimal views were
>>> completely removed in IMP and this might be too big a change to
>>> include in a point release.

hm. some users do use Basic view here, because they do not use JavaScript 
capable browsers for several purposes.

>>> All that being said, I think the need to get Kronolith out, with the
>>> oft-requested fixes for scheduling, probably trumps all other concerns
>>> at this point, so I would say lets do the 5.3 release, with the
>>> understanding that nothing new gets added until the repo split happens.



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