[horde] No directory listing in IMP with PHP 7

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Sep 15 12:17:45 UTC 2016

Zitat von Twilek <twilek at gmx.de>:

> Hi,
> I am trying to change to PHP 7 for some time now but there is one  
> problem with horde which keeps me from doing it. I had this problem  
> from the start and at first thought that it might have been an early  
> bug of PHP 7.0. But with 7.1 approaching and 7.0 being regarded as  
> stable things have not changed.
> I am using a horde webmail installation with the latest pear beta  
> packages (horde 5.2.16) and dovecot 2.2.25. I am using the IMAP  
> backend of dovecot for authentication with horde. When using  
> libmodphp 5.6.22 with the latest apache 2 things work great. When  
> switching to the latest php 7.0 all other Webapps that I am running  
> work (so I guess libmodphp 7 works). Only horde works only partly.  
> It lets my admin user authenticate normally. I see the dashboard and  
> can access imp (and all other horde apps). There I see my inbox (via  
> IMAP) with all mails and can read the mails. It does not read the  
> the IMAP folders and the folder options in IMP cannot be opened.  
> There are no errors in the horde log or in the dovecot log.  
> Switching back to php 5 fixes that problem. Another problem is that  
> all users except my admin one cannot login. Horde log just shows  
> "user xxx failed to login". As far as I can see there is something  
> wrong with the IMAP communication (althought not everything is wrong  
> as my admin user can login and can read mails in the inbox). As  
> there are no telling error messages in the horde or dovecot log I am  
> completely at a loss where to start looking. 
> Regards
> Henning

Works fine here with PHP 7.0.8 and Dovecot 2.2.22.

Enable imap logging in imp/config/backends.local.php to see what's  
going over the wire.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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