[horde] Horde Passwd module is not properly configured

Admin Beckspaced admin at beckspaced.com
Tue Nov 29 15:04:02 UTC 2016

On 29.11.2016 13:50, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
> Quoting Admin Beckspaced <admin at beckspaced.com>:
>> Hello Horde Users ;)
>> I have installed the Horde 5.2.12 with Passwd module 5.0.5 and 
>> defined a SQL backend in backends.local.php (see below)
>> I have also setup a conf.php (see below)
>> But whenever I try to change a password I do receive the error:
>> 'Passwd module is not properly configured'
>> How do I fix / debug this issue?
>> any help is more than appreciated ;)
> Do the default sql queries match your authentication database 
> structure? What type of backend does Horde use for authentication?

Hello Michael,

thanks a lot for your reply ;) Just double checked and the default sql 
queries match my database structure.
Also did try the custom queries but no success either.

Horde uses the IMP, imap server for authentication.

It always worked flawless in the past. Today a customer told me about 
the problem.

Thanks, greetings & all the best

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